Had a few great experience at budget dental! Doctor and staff are every caring and professional. Everything was very clean and they were willing to help with any questions I had. Made me feel right at home and comfortable. Doctor does great work!
– Johnny L

I absolutely love this dentist. I bring both my children here and my husband has also had work done here. I am planning on having work done here also. The staff is very friendly and the dentist is great with the kids. Highly recommend her.
– Katrina P.

I love these ladies!! They are so sweet and played with my kids until they were comfortable enough to get their work done. The doctor is super nice and explained everything in detail so I wasn’t confused about any treatment my children were getting done. The front desk lady played and held my infant while my other children were getting their work done. She is so good with babies. I definitely recommend this office to anyone and everyone!!
– Shantell J.

Over a year ago I had the pleasure of getting to know most all of the staff at Minty Smiles Dental in Gun Barrel City. Dr. B is a fantastic dentist and you can honestly tell she truly cares for her patients. I came to her practice because I needed multiple cavities filled ASAP to clear my military dental record. Dr. B was professional, comforting and completely understanding of my terrible reflex of multiple tools in my mouth! We had to laugh through the minor discomforts of fillings. She truly cares, and understood my financial situation and didn’t try to gouge me for more than I could afford. She also did not try to offer more services than I needed. We struck up a friendship and then I returned for Invisalign. I can’t thank her enough for what’s she done to help me and she’ll continue to do for this community. There’s nothing “budget” about her service.
– Sariah L.